Open source development


Open source development stack drives innovation in various emerging technologies like Blockchain, Cloud, Big Data, IoT and others giving compelling results. Many businesses rely on open source technologies considering the benefits in development, hosting and maintenance price by avoiding need to costly licenses. It also offers a flexibility to develop customized solutions to meet every requirement of clients from various industries. It works on most of the platforms like windows, linux and unix. This will help to utilize any kind of existing infrastructure to run the application efficiently.

At Karmsoft, we offer opensource development services using various PHP frameworks. We have developed interactive and user-centric e-commerce applications, custom web applications and portals using PHP platform. In PHP stack, we are working on Core PHP, CodeIgniter and Laravel. We also offer NodeJS development service using server-based and server-less architecture to develop scalable and robust backend services for small to enterprise businesses.


Opensource technologies we work on

  • php
  • codeigniter
  • laravel
  • nodejs

Our Values

  • Scalable Architecture: Make your solution ready for high load in future, but less-resource consuming (hence cost effective) at the beginning.
  • Iterative Development Approach: Helps to identify and deal with risks during iterations. Delivery at iterations will also help to get customer feedback at early stage which will avoid major deviations at end.
  • UI/UX Design: Our creative designers focus on creating intuitive designs to simplify the complex business need into very user friendly designs.
  • Reliability: We focus on providing comprehensive solution that fits business requirement.
  • Secure: We follow standard coding practices and security guidelines to make it safe against unauthorized access/unethical activities.
  • High-Quality: We believe quality is an integrated part of any software development, we focus on our Quality Assurance process which provides confidence that a software will deliver with desired performance.
  • Cost Effective Solution: With the use of well-planned approach and proven IT processes, we help customer to reduce the development cost.
  • IPR Protection: Customer will be the sole owner of the codebase and other project deliverables at project completion.
  • Maintenance & Support: Along with the qualitative development services, we also offer reliable post launch maintenance and support.

Opensource Development Offering

Website Design and Development

Website Design and

Custom Web Application Development

Custom Web Application

e-Commerce Application Development

e-Commerce Application

Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and

e-Commerce Application Development

e-Commerce Application


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